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Types of Damage a Vehicle Insurance Can Cover

In Which cases Can an Auto Insurance Help You?

Good morning! Today, we are going to speak about the types of insurance policies you can sign with our company. If you are interested, read further and learn more about each of them.

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    Auto Insurance Service La puente

    Collision insurance – In the event of an accident, collision auto insurance compensates you for damage to your own automobile.

  • Property damage insurance – This can cover the repairs of the other person’s property in case you are at fault for a road accident.
  • Personal injury protection – A personal injury insurance can compensate you for your own car-injury-related expenses, health care, work income loss, and child care expenses. If you have a good health or disability insurance, you may not even need personal injury protection.
  • Bodily injury liability – This is applied in cases when major health care expenses need to be made as a result of a road accident. Some motorcycle insurance policies cover it, but most of them don’t, so such an insurance has to be made additionally.
  • Motorcycle insurance – All states in the US require motorcycle riders to carry minimum bodily injury liability. Minimum policies, on the other hand, can leave you more likely to be targeted by lawsuits in the event of a serious road accident.

If you want to obtain more information about the types of insurance policies you can sign, feel free to contact our insurance company at (626) 247-8401. Brenda’s Insurance Services Inc. is an agency that can provide auto, residential, and commercial insurance to all members of La Puente, CA who want to feel secure while they drive or at their homes and places of work. We will answer all your questions, no matter when you call.